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Thoughts and tips to help you lead a more creative, happy, and colorful life!

You Were Made to Create


Before we start any creative pursuit, we should be comfortable with the fact that we will benefit from it. And we benefit from creativity, because that is what we were made to do. Think about how much of your life you create without even knowing it. A wardrobe. Kitchen supplies. Rooms, jobs, and even your car comes about because you decided to bring that into your life.  Beauty should never be overlooked in the create of a joyful life. Artistic expression feeds a part of us that is noble, pure, and helpful, not only to ourselves, but to our family, friends, and the rest of the world.

So go ahead! Pick up those pens, paints, keyboards, guitars, whatever it is you have chosen to use an expression of your creative self. And do it with joy, and the knowledge that in this, you are being your most wonderful self!